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Desert Disco Boxx

A 1953 Wild Goose turned into a Mobile Disco. Arizona's 1st truly mobile DJ booth.

15 years of working in the event industry exposes one to a lot of creativity. I've been involved in some of the most incredible and high profile events in the nation. It's allowed me to see what possible and cause me to think outside the box. One thing I realized that I'd never seen was a DJ IN a box! I've seen food trucks, trailer bars, bar carts and much more. I'd had my eyes open for the perfect vessel for my concept for a couple of years. Finally I was able to chase down the wild goose...literally. A 1953 Wild Goose to be exact! I found her online and 3 days later I was in a Uhaul truck pulling her through the beautiful Sonoma County to re home her in Arizona. 

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