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You are unique. You have outstanding taste. You love to have fun. You have worked hard to create individuality within your day and want your wedding to be a reflection of YOU! You are looking for a modern wedding, a fun wedding! Let me help bring together the perfect reception. What ever your vision may be, I will set the perfect mood.

In addition to providing the best music and the best party, I make your event as flawless as possible with wedding timeline customization, vendor coordination and event management by bringing an assistant to work with me.


I will not be the center of attention at your wedding

I will not tell corny jokes on the mic

I will not talk on the mic just because I can 
I will not shamelessly promote myself with tacky banners or name drops

I will not turn your wedding into an elementary school carnival


I will play the right music at the right time at the right volume

I will build energy accordingly

I will make you dance your face off

I will make your grandma dance

I will make you nostalgic

I will make you remember this night for the rest of your life

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