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How Having Been a Bride Has Made Me a Better Wedding Professional

I've heard the saying "You never truly understand something until you've been through it yourself." This is true for many things, especially for weddings! With 10 years in the event industry and having been a part of close to 100 weddings, I figured I'd seen it all. Here is what I, as a wedding DJ, learned from my own wedding:

Not Everything Will Go According To Plan

No Matter how organized or detailed oriented you are, not everything will go to plan. However, if you have professional wedding vendors that are willing to step in to help with anything, you will probably never even notice that anything was wrong.

Eliminate Anything Causing Unnecessary Stress

If you are losing sleep trying to make 300 flowers out of sheet music from 1903 (guilty!), stop it! Don't over work yourself trying to save some money by making it yourself. Find an easier alternative, or incorporate DIY with already made.

If You Need Help, ASK!

It took a breakdown 5 weeks before my wedding for me to finally ask my family for help. If you need help, ask your friends and family! Chances are, they have been anxiously waiting to pitch in anyway that they can. This should be an enjoyable time, no need to overwhelm yourself.

It Will All Be Worth It

There will most likely come a time when you start to wonder is the expense, family drama, stress and nights of little to no sleep are worth it for one day? I promise, yes! It's more than one day, it's a lifetime of memories.

How do I feel that what I've learned has made me a much better wedding professional? I truly understand a wedding from the inside out. I have learned to step in where ever and however necessary, as my family and vendors did for me. I will make sure we communicate clearly as to not cause any unnecessary stress or leave anything to the unknown. If you ask me for help, I know it is because you value and trust my opinion. I can share my experiences and will do my absolute best to help you create some incredible memories. Last but not least, my wedding has helped deepen my love for the industry and helping couples create a beautiful day that they will talk about for years to come.

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